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How a spear gun works Introduction: A spear gun is a rubber band or air powered gun that fires a spear underwater in freshwater or saltwater environments. Spear guns are used for underwater fishing in which the spear is fired at a fish with a rope (usually braded) that is attached to the spear from the spear gun. There are different types of spear guns; ones that have rubber tubing to propel the spear and ones that use air to fire the spear. Spear guns are an essential tool when it comes to spear fishing. Uses: Spear guns are used for hunting fish underwater, and there are different setups that are used depending on the fish being hunted. Typically a spear gun is set up with a reel and a rope with the rope attached to the spear for hunting…show more content…
Figure 1 is air powered meaning there is a tank on the back of the gun filled with compressed air and once the trigger is pulled the air is released propelling the spear out of the gun with the rope attached to the spear. Pros and Cons of the pneumatic type spear gun is that it has to be pumped up prior to use, but is smaller and easier to handle and use then the band type spear gun. Figure 2 is powered by rubber tubes, and there can be multiple rubber tubes added to increase velocity or they can be removed to decrease velocity. The rubber tubes are pulled back until they hook on top of the spear, some spears have more hooks to allow for more rubber tubes. Pros and Cons of the band type spear gun is that some guns can be awkward to handle and carry, but they are easy to load. Both the air powered and rubber band spear guns have safeties which are located next to the triggers. Both spear guns can have the reel mounted on the bottom, or will have a rope that gets wrapped up on the side of them to allow the rope to follow the spear once

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