My Grandfather: A Short Story

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A week before Christmas, my family and I got the news saying that my grandfather was in the hospital but, we thought nothing about it because everytime he went in he always came back out perfectly fine. However, this time we heard that he wasn’t getting any better and that his condition seems to be getting worse. The last time I met my grandfather was fifth teen years ago, when I was three and when my parents were still together. After hearing this news, I did not know how to feel because I never got the chance to make a strong bond with him. The night we found out his time was running out it was already late, my sister and I did not want to go to sleep knowing that my father had made an emergency flight down to California to see my grandfather. We were scared for him, in times like this you are a vulnerable person, someone who needs comfort, someone who is worried, and thinking positive is something you can’t really do. As we waited for an answer, my sister phone started ringing. “Hello,” my sister picked up the phone nervously. I quickly tapped my sister on the side to put the phone on speaker, and that’s the first time I…show more content…
I always believed that my father would be there for me when I need him, and that he would never leave us but there is no way to stop people from leaving. I sat in my car for thirty minutes crying, just thinking of all the chances I had to visit my father and grandfather but I decided to look pass them. From this life experience I knew that I did not want this to happen with my father, even though my parents are divorced I knew that spending time with my father now will be the best memories we could have. I am able to communicate with him fully, create memories with him, and simply just have him around. When people tell us that we shouldn’t take things for granted, I realized what this statement meant now to me and everything
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