My Accomplishments Of A Homeless Man

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Achievements One thing people fail to think about when asked, what your biggest achievement is that they want to overthink and look for the big things. People want to think of when they saved someone’s life or won the Noble Peace Prize but in reality its holding the door open for an elderly man, picking something up when you see someone has dropped it or even something as simple as smiling at someone when they’re having a bad day. It’s not about the size of the act but the impact that is truly the key. One day my family and I were headed to Plainview to eat and go get some groceries. I personally hated to go grocery shopping. I would have much rather been home drinking redbull and playing some Call Of Duty. I don’t exactly remember the reason possessed me into going with my mom that day. We went and ate at McDonalds and then…show more content…
Right there at that corner, there was a homeless man standing there. The following event would be one I would never forget. This homeless man was standing right by the gas station, normally I look away because I feel bad for them. Something about this man was off though, he didn’t look strung out on drug or so drunk he could not walk a straight line to save their live, he mainly just looked sad. My mom snapped me out of thought by asking me what I was thinking about, I told her nothing and changed the subject. We went to Walmart and did the usual grocery shopping thing but the whole time this homeless man is all I can think about. I start thinking about if he has a family or if he would do anything to go grocery shopping. Once again I again I shake my head and tell myself to forget it. We check out and are heading back to the car and I see him again! I finally asked joe what he thought I should do and he said, “Maybe you should just go talk to him”. I knew he was being sarcastic but before I knew it I was

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