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Explore the ways in Poe builds suspense in a selection of his short stories. Edgar Allen Poe was a 19th century author who was famously known for his short stories. His stories mainly talked about the issue of death and resurrection many of which were inspired by his life. Many of which have been inspired by the women he loved. Poe infuses the majority of his stories with techniques that create tension and suspense. In order for the reader to fully grasp the terror of his work. A number of these techniques are seen in a selection of his stories. One of the examples is the denial of madness, though this method of writing was not implied in other stories. In ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ we are introduced to the narrator, of the story who starts by saying “But why would you say I am mad?” and…show more content…
The fact that the narrator not only started visualising his extreme phobia for the eye (as stated in the paragraph above) that whenever he glances upon it his “blood ran cold”, he is starting to hallucinate the beating of the old man’s heart, this further more suggests that the main character (narrator) is at the limit of his sanity at the point of hearing the beating of a dead man “I foamed-I raved-I swore!”. At that moment many readers would be at the edge of their seats ready to wait what is to happen to the main character as his sanity is on verge of breaking, to the point of the readers almost feels the intensifying “louder” as they progress and then finally, when the narrator could take no more his sanity broke and admitted the foul deed “Dissemble no more! I admit the

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