The Awakening Literary Analysis

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Through self-expression, one’s true self may be conveyed through ideas and forms of art. Fully expressing one’s self may be difficult due to the backlash that is typically seen from society when one behaves out of the norm. Edna Pontellier, a 28-year-old woman, suddenly finds herself dissatisfied with the conservative lifestyle that she has to live. Edna discovers ways to express herself, the main way being through art, which leads to the surprising surface of her long-repressed emotions. In the Awakening by Kate Chopin, Self-expression is a recurring theme in which Edna expresses herself during a spiritual journey through the way she begins to grow as an individual, from expression through art, and through love and passion. Throughout Edna’s long awakening, she learns many new things about herself. First, she notices how the Creole women on Grand Isle are completely open, sharing their emotions and speaking extremely freely with one another; never fearing the judgment that society could place upon them. To Edna, this is not only new, but very liberating. Once this experience occurs, Edna realizes that she does not want to be an archetypal Victorian woman nor wife. The society that Edna lives in never…show more content…
Once Edna learns how to put her feelings into words, she is able to define them for herself, which leads her to knowing what she wants. Not only does Edna portray her growth during her awakening through art and music, but through physical actions as well. Edna’s sexual expression is the final growth that is experienced in her journey; her unstable feelings lead her to learn more about herself. At this point, Edna lives independently and completely ignores the standards that society set for her. Unfortunately, as the understanding she has of herself positively grows and develops, less people are able to understand her new languages of

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