Essay On Remote Sensing

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I. INTRODUCTION The science of obtaining information about objects or area from a specific distance is known as remote sensing, typically remote sensing is done via aircraft or satellites. Theses remote sensors can obtain data in the form of energy reflected from the earth, while the sensors on the aircraft or satellite can detect that energy A. SATELLITES A satellite is anything which orbits around its axis. It may be the moon, planet or machine which orbits. For example our LAIBA AYUB Department of Telecommunication Engineering FEST, Indus University , Karachi. moon is the satellite because its orbits the earth. Usually, the word "satellite" refers to a machine that is launched into space and moves around Earth or another body in…show more content…
USE OF SATELLITE IN REMOTE SENSING Satellite can collect more data from the ground then aircraft or any other instrument on the ground. The difference is that satellite orbits the earth so it can cover more area and can collect more data from the wide area then the other instrument this make the satellite more faster to respond. Before the satellite the signal can’t travel far because the instrument on the earth cannot cover the wide area. Now the signal is transmitted towards the satellite which reflected back on surface on different locations which makes the communication more faster and cheaply.[2] II. SATELLITE REMOTE SENSING Satellite remote sensing provide the activity of recording, observing or perceiving. It also provide the ability to receive the reflected data from of earth and deflect it on the other side of earth. The satellite remote sensing required a physical medium to carry the data from the object to sensor, the electromagnetic radiation provides the physical medium which carry the information to the sensor. There are different types of remote sensing satellites used for different purposes. For example China is mainly using three kinds of satellites. i. Recoverable remote sensing
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