Much Ado About Nothing Benedick's View Of Love

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In the play “Much Ado about Nothing” there were two characters who had a major difference in their view of love. Benedick and Claudio viewed love in so many different ways. Their view of love showed their true character and how they viewed love in their hearts and minds. These two men differed because their view of love was totally different. One man viewed love as act of commitment and loyalty. While the other man took advantage of the emotion of love and used it to gain something in his favor. In the beginning of the play Benedick swore that he would live a life as a bachelor and never commit himself to a woman. He said he rather be died than be in love with a woman. Even though Benedick had feelings toward Beatrice, he never let it get…show more content…
He only wanted to marry Hero for personal gain. If he truly loved Hero he wouldn’t have been so rude and repulsive to Hero at their wedding after assuming that Hero was unholy. If he truly loved her he would have forgiven her. Love always forgives regardless what the person has done. Claudio did not love Hero that’s why he planned a plot to embarrassed her at their wedding instead of asking her and getting the truth from her. In addition Claudio only married Hero because he saw it as a duty, there wasn’t any love in their relationship. Maybe Hero actually loved Claudio but there wasn’t any love for Hero in his heart. He wasn’t looking for love he was looking for personal gain. If you really think about it when he embarrassed Hero at the wedding he felt humiliated because he thought Hero cheated on Him. So he acted out of anger and he wanted to embarrass Hero like she embarrassed him by cheating on him. Love is not revengeful. There wasn’t any love so Claudio wanted revenge on poor insistent Hero. Claudio used love in the act of evil, there was no love in his heart but instead he used the emotion of love to trick Hero’s father so he could marry hero and gain the benefits of marrying her. He married Hero for selfish reasons and that’s not love at all. Love is not selfish or revengeful, and Claudio all throughout the play showed acts of selfishness not

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