Jane Eyre Character Analysis

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Jane Eyre: orphaned at an early age, subjugated by her Aunt Reed in whose patronage she had been consigned after the death of her maternal uncle Mr. Reed, and then abandoned to Lowood School: a poorly run institution by a miserly stringent manager, had her childhood replete with mistreatment and oppression. However, these trials and tribulations couldn’t dampen her unfettered spirits, her resolve – instead roused in her passion to be her morale, truth her sword and decree of God her guide. Jane Eyre – Papercut Art Since nothing had been bequeathed to her after the demise of her parents, at Gateshead Jane Eyre was strongly reminded of her pecuniary disadvantage: she was relentlessly persecuted at the hands of her villainous cousin John Reed and shown marked condescending attitude by the other two cousins – Eliza, and Georgiana Reed. She was abased as “less than a servant” for she did nothing to earn her place in her Aunt’s abode. Ostracized from social gaiety and severely penalized for faults she had not,…show more content…
Jane Eyre for her lack of kinship had always longed and searched for warmth of heart and soul and often fell prey to deceit and coercion against her will. However, she did appeal to many who, esteeming her highly, made close ties with her. Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester being one such acquaintance, found in her a docile listener of his deplorable past due to his fallacious conduct which had forever maimed his life. To Jane he could ruminate on his “mire of thoughts” loudly without fear of mortification. Despite his sturdy disposition, his rugged looks comprising “dark face, with stern features and heavy brow”, Jane became drawn to him like a pet to his

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