Essay On Pursuit Of Pleasure

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1. The pursuit of pleasure is not the most important deciding factor in the decisions that I make and I do not believe it should be. I think that the pursuit of pleasure brings instant gratification which could lead to poor decisions and a habit of looking for an easy way out on unpleasant situations. 2. Getting what I want cannot always be a good thing. If I always seek the painless way out of any situation, I will lose discipline and will come to depend on instant gratification. 3. I believe human beings are not necessarily selfish and that we can be altruistic and selfless. I think that we are born as a “blank slate” and that our environment shapes who we are. 4. I am quite conflicted as both questions require more context to fully state…show more content…
While I know that instant gratification is bad, I gravitate toward pleasure when I have to make hard decisions to avoid dealing with it. 17. I think that the skill of knowledge is better than persuasiveness. With knowledge, one possesses the ability to understand and be intellectual person. However, persuasiveness, as it can be useful, can be used against others in a cunning way like lying to other people. 18. Always doing what is right, even though it might conflict with my desires, is more surely to lead to happiness. I believe in this way because brute forcing your way to what you desire might not always produce positive happiness, but instead create a sense of guilt or remorse from the actions taken. For example, cheating my way through a course might get me an A, but I will feel a sense of shame later, which is not true happiness. 19. Truth matters more to me than power and it should be. I think in this way because the ability to be honest is more valuable than gaining power. Also, power can be used to hurt other people and drive them way while truth can be used to form lasting relationships.
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