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Moon landings. Real or fake? A question that many people have asked is: Was the moon landing real or was it all faked. Well, to know the answer to this question you must know the events that happened during this particular event. So let’s go ahead and take a little review about it, the moon landing (Better known as Apollo 11) happened during the “Vietnam War”, this is one of the most strongest reasons of why some people this event was faked and it was acted out, but there’s another theory that says that Apollo 11 was done to distract people from the war, if this is true then the USA used a good stratergie to distract people from the war, this still tells us it was fake, but around 1960 USA was…show more content…
My first reason is that the flag appears to be waving while in the moon there’s supposed to be no air, and in the sky of the moon there are no stars, I know that for most of you this evidence still doesn’t convence you to say that Apollo 11 was fake, but there’s a piece of evidence that’ll probably convence you, if you look carefully a picture of Neil Armstrong (Huh’s supposed to be the first person to land on the moon) the reflection of Neil Armstrong’s mask shows a building there’s no way you can broke that evidence it’s unbrockable evidence. There are many reason of why people think Apollo 11 was fake, but I’m going to tell you the that for me sounded to be strangest and most interesting piece of evidence in a film of Neil Armstrong in the moon there’s a rock that has a c written on it is this because it’s a theather property, it’s all up to you. What do you think? I can’t say Apollo 11 doesn’t have it’s pros too like the lights that reflect because Neil supposedly left mirrors on the moon.However Apollo 11 has more cons than

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