Moon Landing Conspiracy

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On July 20, 1969, NASA broadcasted live the first moon landing all over the world. About 46 years later, the question still lingers; did humans really land on the moon? Since the first moon landing, conspiracy theorists have noticed a considerable amount of "problems" in the photographs. There is a background motive to why the United States would fake the moon landings. Although conspiracy theorists make these claims, NASA and other organizations counter these claims with the "underlying science", or that's what they want the people to believe. The primary problem in determining whether the moon landing was a hoax is the lack of information that both sides provide.Since July 20th 1969, theorists have been claiming that the…show more content…
And obviously the U.S would want to take the lead, even if it comes down to lying to the whole world.Conspiracy theorists claim that humans never landed on the moon even with all the evidence provided by NASA. One of these claims involves the American Flag waving despite there being no wind in outer space. Another one includes many objects being covered in shadows but are illuminated with surprising detail. After photographs were released to the public, conspiracy theorists were quick to find a mysterious object reflecting off of the Astronaut’s helmet. This claim has boosted the theory that it was all shot in movie studio. In a particular photograph, it is clear that there are multiple light sources, which cannot be true since the major light source is the Sun itself. When comparing two images, they seem to have a similar or even identical “backdrop” when NASA claims the pictures to be taken miles apart. In order to even get close to landing on the moon, Astronauts have to pass through what is called the Van Allen radiation belt, which should have cooked the astronauts from all that radiation (Cain,…show more content…
Another famous claim that most conspiracy theorists go to is the fact that there are no stars in the background (Fox, 1). Although all these claims are reasonable, and somewhat true, NASA and other organizations have countered most of these claims with the underlying science. More than 10 years ago, Fox TV popularized the hoax with a show called, “Did We Land On the Moon?” where they reveal several pieces of evidence that the hoax might be true. All the pieces of evidence that Fox TV provide is wrong after understanding the underlying science ( Fox, 1). NASA has countered the Van Allen theory saying that the Astronauts took a short amount of time to pass through the belt, therefore only affected with a little radiation. Many theorists fail to understand that the Moon has a high reflective lunar dust on it’s surface so it makes sense that objects under shadows are illuminated. In fact, the lunar dust is the reason why the Moon is visible, day or night on planet Earth. Even the mythbusters busted this theory by making their own lunar dust and shining a light that acts as the sun, and it is clear that the objects are illuminated

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