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Lutheranism can find its origins in a man named Martin Luther who interpreted the Christian religion. He started a movement to reform from the Roman Catholic Church that developed into Lutheranism. Lutheranism is one of the five major branches of Protestantism and is the most closely related to Catholicism. Lutheranism is a religion rich in history and although is similar to Catholicism, has its own beliefs, practices and holidays. History: Lutheranism traces its fundamental beliefs and practices to the principles of Martin Luther. Luther was born in Germany in 1493 and studied philosophy and law but became discouraged by his studies and became an Augustinian Monk in 1505. He became a Monk because he feared for his own salvation. He began…show more content…
The Lutheran beliefs are expressed in historical confessions, mostly by Luther or other early Lutheran leaders. They are collected in the Book of Concord which is regarded as an authority for doctrine and practice by all Lutherans. Lutheranism embraces the standard affirmations of Protestantism. They believe in the authority of the Bible and that human reconciliation is effected only by divine grace. Lutheranism stresses the idea that salvation cannot come from human effort. Luther also taught that many rituals by the Church were unnecessary and also, a barrier to salvation. He also rejected traditions such as the intermediary role of priests, priestly celibacy and the Latin bible and liturgy. Luther understood that the bible would have to be available in other languages to be appreciated. Lutheranism accepts aspects of the Church practice that did not contradict the scriptures. Unlike the Catholic, Lutheranism states that every Christian is equally a priest. They believe this because no matter ones occupation or role, it is needed by God to serve the body of Christ. Lutheranism also teaches that the bible is the sole source of religious authority. He taught that that the Church is essentially invisible; authority is found in Scripture, not in a formal structure and for this reason no Lutheran church is obligated to follow any set order.…show more content…
Most were written by Martin Luther himself or other early Lutheran leaders. These beliefs are collected in the Book of Concord. The Book of Concord is regarded as an authority for doctrine and practice by all Lutherans. These beliefs in the Book of Concord influence Lutheran practices and rituals. For example, Lutheranism practices infant baptism and believing adult baptism. They believe that this is a sacrament commanded by God because it “cleanses from sin, snatches us from the power of Satan, and gives us everlasting life” (ReligionFacts). This is one of the rituals and practices Lutherans follow. Also, Lutheranism has Sunday service. Unlike Catholicism, they do not give communion every service but only once or twice a month. Communion often follows the gifts or offerings, intercessory prayers and the `passing of the peace`. A mass consists of instrumental prelude, hymns, canticles and prayer. Readings during the mass are from the Old Testament, Pauline Epistles and Gospels. They are scheduled to cover most of the bible over three years. Mass ends during sending out which consists of a canticle, blessing are dismissal which is often with a hymn. Lutherans follow the sacramental rites that are baptism, confirmation, ordination, marriage and burial. Confirmation takes place between the ages of 10 to 15 and is similar to the Catholic confirmation. Also, churches are often filled with paraments that

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