Mongol Empire Research Paper

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“Nomads, especially the Mongols, were uncivilized savages who specialized in large-scale massacres. They overall had a more negative than positive impact on world history.” The Mongols used brutal military tactics and showed no mercy killed anyone who resisted along with wives and children were so feared that some areas surrendered automatically because they heard about the Mongols and knew of their reputation used unskilled civilians as human shields for attacks on the next city executed captured soldiers They shook up cities and everyday life with their invasions enslaved women and skilled craftsmen the invasions shook faith because Muslims wondered how they were attacked so badly by infidels caused great damage to Persian agriculture and…show more content…
The Xiongnu were also very dangerous, especially to China, leading to the building of the Great Wall in the Qin Dynasty. They built an empire and were feared warriors. Both led to many deaths and destruction of cities. Witnesses Mongol woman Q; Would you say that the freedom you are given greatly differs from the freedom Chinese women are traditionally given? A: Yes, I am given a considerable amount of freedom, even authority, in society and men look to me for wisdom and guidance. Marco Polo Q: What did you notice about the Tartars in your travels through China? A: I noticed how they are never fixed in one location and eat flesh of practically any kind because of its fat content, such as camels and dogs. I also noticed how in their culture, remaining chaste does not necessarily advance them in

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