Comparing Eric Northman And The Sookie Stackhouse

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An argument that tends to be prevalent amongst people is whether or not villains can also be heroes. In my opinion, the answer is quite simple. Yes, it is possible for a villain to be a hero. On the other hand, it’s also possible and fairly common for heroes to have a few negative attributes that are typically seen in villains. An example of who I’d consider an anti-hero would be the character Eric Northman from the True Blood television series and the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Eric is a 1,000 year old Viking vampire who is cold, murderous, and calculating. He tends to loathe humans and rarely shows signs of affection. Despite these attributes, he’s also fair, fiercely loyal, and actually humorous unlike most vampires. It’s clear that underneath…show more content…
A vampire risking their life for a human is rare and typically frowned upon, so as you can see Eric truly loves Sookie. A few instances where Eric’s risked his life for her would be when he helped save her life when she’s was attacked by a Maenad in the woods and then on another occasion he used his body like a shield, covering her during the shootout in Texas and taking bullets for her. Eric’s feelings for Sookie run so deep that he tricked her into marrying him for her own safety, knowing she’d say otherwise because she believes she can handle herself. When she finds out about the marriage ritual, even though she’s upset she accepts the fact that Eric did it for her wellbeing. Despite coming to this conclusion, she holds no actual regards for the marriage which only angers Eric because he believes the ritual is sacred, something to be taken seriously. He states he would want to marry her whether or not she was in danger and questions her love for him. Lastly, and in my opinion is what truly proves that Eric loves Sookie is when she was kidnapped and tortured by a set of fairies. Unable to come to her rescue because he’s being held captive by the King of Louisiana, Sookie is saved by her former vampire lover Bill and her great grandfather Niall. After she recovers from the attack, she’s upset that her husband, the vampire she’s bonded to isn’t the one that saved her and questions Eric’s whereabouts. When he tells her he was being held, Eric cries with Sookie, something he’s never done around her before and states the following: “I hurt with you. I bled with you – not only because we’re bonded but because of the love I have for you.” Eric, the vampire who is exuberates stoicism, who closes himself off to the rest of the world, deep down is just as wounded as everyone

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