Money In The Great Gatsby

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How does The Great Gatsby get his Money? Before the story told us about how Gatsby got his money I already knew. There were hints along the whole story. For nobody knew who Gatsby really was. For somebody to have as much money as Gatsby, everyone should have known who he was. However, they didn’t so they just assumed who his was. Some people’s assumptions were pretty farfetched calling him a prince and other such things. Since Gatsby hides his identity he must have been doing something crooked. If he wasn’t there would not be as much mystery about him. If he made an honest he wouldn’t have cared if everybody knew him. So the only logical conclusions are he’s a crook but not just a normal crook but a high-class crook. He knew everybody that…show more content…
Daisy stepped on it. ‘’I tried to make her stop, but she couldn’t, so I pulled on the emergency brake. Then she fell over into my lap and I drove.” What’s ironic is that Daisy kills Tom’s mistress and not Gatsby. However, Gatsby was blamed for the crime by Tom. On the way to town, Gatsby was driving his car. So it made sense for Gatsby to be driving his car back to Daisy’s house. So when Tom heard it was a yellow car that hit his mistress he automatically said it was Gatsby. Tom told George the husband it was Gatsby and George believed him. Then Tom pumped up the George head saying Gatsby is a crook and you should do something about it. George was full of angry and had a gun. The next day after that accident the Myrtle’s husband killed Gatsby. Not only did he kill Gatsby but he took his life shortly after doing so. Tom never did find out the true because Gatsby is dead. Also, Daisy was ashamed so she wasn’t going to tell that it was her. But it was Daisy that was driving the car and not Gatsby. They should have put the blame of Daisy since she did the crime. However, Gatsby loved Daisy too much to say it wasn’t him. So he basically without saying anything took the blame for Daisy. I find it ironic that George ends up killing Gatsby and not Tom. Tom was the one that was having the affair with Myrtle, not Gatsby. That’s why it is ironic because he should be mad at Tom and not Gatsby. Killing Tom would have made sense to us the
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