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Charles Dickens was not only a well-known author in the 1800’s, but he is still acknowledged today as an inspiration for other writers. His classic writings made an exceptional influence on literature. Dickens’ writings were not only directed towards his personal social class, but to everyone no matter what social class they belonged to. His legacy lives on even though he is gone. While he lived over 200 years ago, Charles Dickens is still mentioned all throughout the world because of his relatable characters, memorable themes, and his influential personal history in his classic novels. In addition to Charles Dickens disregarding social classes, he made the poverty stricken people equal to the privileged. When he wrote his novels, he transformed…show more content…
When he began writing his novel Dombey and Son, he mentioned his stance on “social, moral, and religious” (Charles John Hoffman Dickens) struggles in society. Once he realized his thoughts on how the lower class lived, he realized how more people needed to know how they lived too. He thought that once people knew how they lived, it would change their opinion. His experience with the lower class influenced him to write about social issues in his novels. His writings began to describe “his feelings towards the poor and the lower class people in the 1800’s” (Satterfield, Kathy 15). Although a majority of his writings were influenced by social, moral and religious issues, he also had personal issues that influenced his writings as…show more content…
He began to invent themes for holidays and new characters about the holidays that live on today. When people think of Charles Dickens they think of A Christmas Carol. Dickens had a way of thinking of new themes in a blink of an eye. For example, as he was walking down the streets in Manchester, he came up with the ideas of A Christmas Carol (Kehe, Majore). The main purpose of the novel was to “focus on charity, goodwill, and a hope of redemption” (Kehe, Majore). He encouraged families to spend time together and appreciate each other’s company. He also created themes that were associated with materials. For example he discovered the idea of “blazing fireplaces, mince pies, wassail bowls, carol singing, plum puddings, mistletoes, fiddling, and dancing and the famous character Ebenezer Scrooge” (Kehe, Majore). Although the majority of his novels were based on joyful and happy themes, he also tried to keep his writings realistic in the fact that not everyone has the luxury of the higher class. He kept the reality of his own childhood as well. Charles Dickens kept in mind all the many experiences that occurred when he was a young child. He realized the reality of society and how society would always have social classes and it will always put people where they “belong”. He remembered seeing all of the financial problems and poverty around him, which eventually led to a new theme

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