Examples Of Social Issues In The Great Gatsby

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In The Great Gatsby, there was many social and political issues; having to deal with social class or money was the only thing that would define you as a person. Social class in the Great Gatsby had to deal with how much money you have or how much money you don’t have. Also thats when they divided you into certain areas, such as the West Egg that was where all the rich people lived. Then the East Egg was similar but they did have some people who weren’t that wealthy. On the other hand you had also had political issues, that occurred in the Roaring 20s; that everything was about money and how happy you were having money. If you had money, you basically could get whatever you wanted in these days. Gatsby, wasn’t rich when he was younger; he came from a lower class environment but he met a friend that was rich. Later on his friend died and left Gatsby with all his belongings including the money. So in The Great Gatsby there was many social and political issues;having to deal with social class or money was the…show more content…
They had everything divided where Gatsby lived at, there was different areas where one side was rich and the other side was poor. Social class had a lot of meaning back then, if you had money like Gatsby you would throw parties every weekend at your house. Every one in town was there, but for those who had money. Gatsby wasn’t the type of person to judge if you didn’t have a lot of money or not because he knows how it was and feels not to have a lot. In other words social class shouldn’t have no meaning and shouldn’t have to define you as a person. The Great Gatsby had power, he power throughout the whole novel. With it being in the 1920s, there was different social classes and everyone being split up by groups, turns out everyone had problems of their own to deal

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