Mitch Albom's Tuesday With Morrie

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Richard Lamb Professor Perniciaro Enc 1102 17 November 2014 Tuesday with Morrie In Mitch Albom’s book, Tuesday with Morrie, tells a story about Morrie Schwartz, Mitch Albom. Morrie is a old college professor who had a impression with one of his students that was lasted for life on Mitch Albom. At Brandeis University, Morrie is Albom’s have professor. Professor Morrie has a incurable disease called ALS, which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. While reaching the end of his life, Morrie was still a professor at Brandeis University who Albom would learn “The Meaning of Life.” One day Albom heard about Morrie’s disease which reminded him of a promise he had made to his favorite college professor, that he would keep in contact with his…show more content…
Unable to because of coughing more and more every day, Morrie must decline the food that Albom brings for them to eat. “...This is important..” starts Morrie as he starts to talk to Albom. Continuing Morrie states “..This is important - not only just for someone like me who is dying, but for someone like you, who is perfectly perfectly healthy. (103) Buddhist philosophy is something morrie brings up to Albom to talk about how we should not cling to things because everything that exists on this world is impermanent. If people detach themselves from emotions, experiences then one must let emotions and experiences pierce through you like a knife. If you hold emotion and stop yourself from passing through them, there is a chance you will never be able to detached. Morrie, explains about detachment, he starts however begins into a bad coaching spell. Recovering after a few slaps on the back from Albom and Morrie continues, to tell about detaching yourself is to be able to leave tangible surroundings and step into one’s state of consciousness to gain composure in all stressful
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