Sholeh Wolpe's I Was Sung Into This World

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Sholeh Wolpe has written two poems that both explore death. During a question and answer session with poet, Sholeh Wolpe, I was informed that her poem "I Was Sung Into This World" was written from person experience. Therefore, following the session I was able to draw a contrast between two poems. In "I Was Sung into This World", inspired by personal experience, she shares her own thoughts about death. However, "She Forgot" is written from third person point of view where she reveals others’ feelings towards death. Although, the two poems are told from two different points of view, they can be compared and contrasted. In poetry, beds often stand as a metaphor or visual aid for events such as life and life. Sholeh Wolpe focuses on these two events in “I Was Sung into…show more content…
For example, in “I Was Sung into This World,” Wolpe begins her poem discussing how she was born into this world on her bed. Birth is often celebrated and a state of happiness. By telling readers this, she sets a peaceful tone in the poem. She even reads the poem in a peaceful way at the poetry reading. Wolpe smiles as she reads which signifies that this poem brings peace to her. It becomes clear that she has no fear of death according to her peaceful tone and characteristics regarding the bed. Described accordingly: In “I Was Sung into This World”, Wolpe does not fear death whatsoever. This is proven when she says , “I sit by her bed, make her promise to come for me when it is my time” (Wolpe 26-27). These lines expresses that she is not disturbed by death. During the question and answer session with Wolpe she admitted, “I am not disturbed by death". In addition, Wolpe indicates that she would not hesitate when she says, “Sing me into the other life with the same song”. The song she is referring to was sung by her

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