Mul Historical Inaccuracies In The Disney Film

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I did my movie essay on the historical inaccuracies in the Disney film 'Mulan'. Like most historical movie I've come to find that people don't always tell the whole truth of the stories they are putting on the big screen. The legend of Mulan is about a young woman who disguises herself as a man to take her own fathers place in the war who was to old to fight, but had no son to take his place. The story can be traced back to the Ballad of Mulan, which is what the Disney movie was based off of, although it stretched the truth. The earliest the legend states is that she lived during the Northern Wei Dynasty, but another says that Mulan was requested for something by Emperor Yang of Sui China. Although the film takes place later, it shows landmarks from the 15th century, but at the time of Northern Wei, the Xiongnu had already absorbed Chinese culture. Although according to the style of dress which was traditional Han clothing, the film has to take place sometime in the 15th century or before. Also, the fireworks that place in the movie indicate that its set during the Sui dynasty. However, Mulan is set in North China, where the mostly used language is Mandarin, the Disney film uses Cantonese pronunciation, "Fa",…show more content…
But in the Disney movie, she joins the army until the Huns are defeated. In reality, the Huns fought Han China from 133 BC to 89 AD, which is much longer than 12 years. Also, in the Disney movie, she comes home with her commander, Li Shang, because she had fallen in love with him. In the ballad, this does not happen and she come home to only her family. In the ballad, she goes all 12 years without anyone knowing that she was a female. But, in the movie, she gets shot by a Hun and everyone finds out who she truly is. This is inaccurate because in the real story, this never actually

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