Guilty In Voltaire's Novel 'Candide'

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In Voltaire's novel Candide, everyone ,whether they are guilty or innocent, seems to go through events of great pain and suffering throughout the whole story. Our world is filled with great pain and suffering like in this novel, but it is the most perfect world. I believe that anyone that says that our world is not perfect is just spitting out a false statement. This statement would mean that this world's creator is not perfect which is false. Our world is perfect because it was created by the one and only God whom is perfect in every way by definition (Bloom 41). In the great world that we live in, love has never been perfect like most people dream of and it probably never will be perfect. Love is like a gamble and it can either take you down a long dreadful path or it can be a nice and smooth road for you. Love is the cause of all of the events that take place within this novel whether they are good or bad events. It all starts with a love at first sight between Candide and Cunégonde and then this leads to their first kiss. This first kiss leads to a big unexpected journey for both Candide and Cunégonde. Love also gets one of Candide's companions, Pangloss,…show more content…
This would most definitely not happen in all reality considering that everyone had their own journey of great pain and suffering over hundreds of miles. Candide and his companions get separated multiple times and still end up meeting each other again somewhere down the road. Pangloss supposedly dies twice within the novel but somehow survives both incidents. In one incident, he gets hanged and still survives. I highly doubt that an old man could survive from getting hanged. By the end of the novel, Candide and his companions all go through some sort of injury but they all survive somehow. Most of these injuries would kill a normal human being but Candide and his companions seem to be super

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