Stuart Hall Representation Analysis

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In order to understand representation on banknotes, one needs to identify the concept of “representation”. Looking at the work of Stuart Hall, a Jamaican-born cultural theorist and sociologist, explains the idea of representation, “representation means using language to say something meaningful about, or to represent, the world meaningfully, to other people.” According to him it is only through representation that one is able to produce meaning which can be then shared among the people to make meaningful understanding of the world. From the above the idea of representation can be divided into further elements. • One is the object that needs to be represented. • Secondly, the meaning or the concept that needs to be produced. • Language is a collection of sign and codes which are used to produce meaning and concepts. Although there are different approaches of creating meaning through the language, I will be looking at “Constructionist” approach where meaning is constructed in and through the language. In this approach the meaning of things are not derived from the material world but rather the social and cultural actives that define them. During 5th or 6th century the idea of representation on currency advanced. Historians are not…show more content…
It is open to multiple translations but it is how those images are composed that help use in translating those symbols. Although banknotes are still yet the visuals act a trigger that shows the projection of our history or the future vision. As discussed previously the theme of the banknotes of Pakistan were “Historical Monuments and Commodities of Commercial importance”. This theme was executed in the first series issued by the State

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