Military Orders In The Crusades

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Throughout the Crusades, people on their pilgrimages faced peril as they travelled to Jerusalem, risking death by Muslim hands. As a response to all this violence, military orders were formed and retaliated against violence with their own violence. Many military orders, also known as brotherhoods, consisted of monks who “pledged [their] lives in warfare” (Madden 52) and aimed to “protect the passageway between the port of Jaffa to and from Jerusalem to protect Christians from Saracens” (Williams 104). The most prominent military orders were the Knight Templars and the Hospitallers, both were highly influential for their fearsome skill on the battlefield and were active during the third Crusade. The Knights Templar were founded by French knights Hugues de Payen and Godfrey of Saint-Ome. Together, they formed a…show more content…
King Baldwin II supported this order by providing them with the al-Aqsa mosque, believed to be built on “the ruins of the biblical Temple of Solomon” (Phillips 290) as their headquarters. They decided to call themselves the “Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon” (Phillips 290) as a derivation from the name of their base. Although the Templars were wealthy in their determination to do good, they severely lacked resources and had a meager amount of knights joining their cause; Philips stated that their emblem represented the order’s poor beginnings with two knights riding on a single horse (290). While they pledged to seek peace through arms (Madden 52), another goal of the Templars was to “emulate the long-lasting stability of a monastic community” (52) by retaining a strict, simple and chaste communal life (Williams 104). The

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