Why Is The Knights Templars Wrong

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Knights Templar The Knights Templars were members of a religious group and military order. They were developed in Jerusalem between 1118 and 1121. The Knights Templars were formed with good intentions, to protect pilgrims on their pilgrimage to Palestine, but changed their ways by committing sacrilegious practices and false confessions (“Knights Templars”). Helen Nicholson discusses that in October 1307, all of the Knights Templars within French boundaries were arrested for the accusation of many crimes. It was said that the brothers were guilty of denying their faith in Christ, worshipping idols, and accepting homosexuality between other men in the order. It was also said that the Templars did not make donations or give gifts as a religious…show more content…
They were at the heart of the Crusades. These brothers took vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience, only to the Pope. This power made King Phillip IV extremely mad. He told Pope Clement V that the knights Templars were guilty of heresy. This was the main reason for the knight’s torture (Bob Barton, “On the Trail of the Knights Templar”). According to the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, were successfully ended by 1314. Their property, meant for the Hospitalers, was taken by other, more secular leaders. The leaders of the order were burned at the stake for their actions. The treatment they endured leaves people to believe they are blameless. It will forever be impossible to know if the Templars and their leaders were accused and treated fairly (“Knights Templars, in medieval history”). I believe that the Templars had fair treatment, during that time. If the Kights Templars had not committed such crimes, they would have continued to be exactly what the Crusades needed. This group of men was definitely guilty of idolatry, greed, fraud. I believe the biggest crime they committed was the failure to protect the Holy land. Helen Nicholson stated that the Knights Templar were the ‘Defenders of the Holy

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