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Bebop is a fast tempo jazz style, characterized by instrumental virtuosity and improvisation based on the use of harmonic structure. Among the artist that made bebop famous are Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. Miles Davis played bebop with Charlie Parker’s band and contributed pure-toned solos. In 1944 Miles Davis joined Charlie Parker’s band, and steadily he was exploring the phasing and harmonies of Bebop, and he was confidentely finding his own voice. Cool jazz is a modern jazz style characterized by relaxed tempos, and in contrast with bebop it has a lighter tone. Cool jazz was a style created by Miles David and his nonet as a reaction to Bebop. ‘The birth of the cool” was the first most important cool jazz album by Miles Davis. It was…show more content…
Hard Bop was created by Miles Davis is response to Cool Jazz. In 1954 Miles started recording a tougher, more straighy ahead, and emotional jazz. Miles Davis Quintet was the most important Hard Bop Group of the mid 1950s. His album “walkin’” was one of the most important albums of this period. Third Stream is the mix of jazz and classical music. It was created by Gunther schuller in 1957. The most famous of Third Stream works are the two recordings featuring Miles Davis “three little feelings” and “poem for brass”. In 1957 Miles had his first collaboration with composer Gil Evans, “miles ahead”, which is one of the most famous recordings of Third Stream; Miles Davis Quintet was the band playing along in this album. Gil Evans and Miles Davis also recorded together “porgy and bess” in 1957, and “sketches of spain” in 1960. Modal jazz is jazz that uses musical modes as a harmonic framework. It was created by George Russell in the early 1950s. In 1958 Modal Jazz was epitomized by Miles Davis with his composition “milestones”, and in the same year Miles released his album “kind of blue”, which was consider the best selling jazz record of all

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