Dance In Rob Marshall's Film, Chicago

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Rob Marshall started dancing in Broadway in shows Cats and Zorba. He quickly jumped levels to become the captain and he became a choreographer when he was asked to provide extra choreo for the Broadway hit Kiss of the Spider Woman. The choreography of this dance has led him to more opportunities like working on the Broadway production of She Loves Me which he then was awarded an Olivier award. Through out his life he has been a co-director as well as a choreographer. His works consisted of musicals, choreography and even films. One of his famous pieces was Chicago which was a film and it has many scenes in it where dancing is incorporated into it. Dance styles like jazz, tap and even ballroom dancing is incorporated into the plays of this film. Rob Marshall’s film Chicago was inspired by Bob Fosse’s broadway musical Chicago. In Rob Marshall’s piece, “Cell Block Tango,” the message of his work is about these women killing their significant other which represented betrayal and…show more content…
It would be dancing and choreography only or just singing only. But what differs Rob Marshall is that he uses all three which is dancing, speaking, and singing. He does this because it can reach the audience better for understanding the message of his pieces. Not only does doing this stand out many people took notice of this and it caught a lot of peoples attention. His dance challenged the world around them because no one did this at the time, that’s why it was so successful for Rob Marshall. He kind of made it into a television musical where it can also be recorded and watched at home. His pieces is different from a lot of other people's work because of the way he makes the musical. The dances that he uses can be regular dances but unlike his peers work they don’t incorporate all the different way he expresses the music. He uses dancing, speaking, and also

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