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Growing up I was always in and out of hospital! I have a rare condition called brittle bones which affects my bones, however having such a condition has never stopped me from achieving from goals. Doctors and Nurses has always made me feel extremely special and welcomed, from the age of 13 I decided I wanted to give back to society all the care and love I was shown. My cousin became pregnant when I was 13 years old which sparked an interest with midwifery, I was intrigued with the way her stomach grew, the strange sense of smell and taste that she had, I was also very much involved with helping her throughout her pregnancy, I felt a joy that no word could explain, That is the joy which helped me in choosing midwifery as a career, I always want to feel that inner joy. Midwifery would be the perfect career path for myself as I am: caring, understanding, nurturing and very patent. My personality resembles someone who is responsible,…show more content…
With midwifery being 50 percent practical and 50 percent theory I am excited for both the practical and the theory part of my degree. I am excited, intrigued and curious to what my course has to offer. I believe that my college course has helped me to understand the pressure that I will be under for my degree however I am ready! I currently study: Biology, Sociology, Psychology and maths. Each subject has taught me new things, biology has expanded my knowledge about the human body, cells and genes. Psychology has taught me that everyone mind works differently, I am now able to interact with people differently according to how best suits them. Moreover psychology has also taught me many things about myself and how to conduct myself in certain situations which I will face whilst studying. Sociology has taught me about the NHS, I have gained an impressive amount of knowledge about the NHS, I now know how the NHS is formed, how it is funded and how it all

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