Morgan Freeman's When He Speaks: People Tend To Speak

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When He Speaks; People Tend to Listen Morgan Freeman has acted in over one hundred popular movies that have been enjoyed by an audience of movie goers that spans all ages. Freeman grew up in a poor area of Mississippi, and as a kid spent a good portion of his time scraping together enough money to go and see movies; and he is now known as one of the top actors in the country, drawing millions to see him on the big screen, ( Morgan Freeman has become one of the most recognized actors in the world for both his talent as an actor and his unforgettable voice. With an authoritative tone and calm demeanor, this well-loved and very popular actor has grown into one of the most respected figures in entertainment. Aristotle argued that the art of speaking (“rhetoric”) or the “art of…show more content…
Before we accept the words of others or are drawn to the image they intend to portray however, we usually must first respect their authority, admire their integrity (ethos), or feel a connection to what they stand for. This is closely tied to pathos, or the use of words, images or sounds to connect with or sway the listener’s or audience’s emotions. One way to effectively utilize pathos “is a narrative that can take an issue and reach the audience’s emotions and sense of responsibility or morality” (Grizz Writes, 7), and Mr. Freeman has narrated many film documentaries and been the voice for many charitable and important causes, because of the pathos that he is able to project. Mr. Freeman’s website, like his resonant and compelling voice, projects those connections to its visiting browsers; solidifying his reputation and increasing his appeal not only to his current fan base; but also those movie goers who are not yet as familiar with his work, and effectively drawing their interest and persuading them that his movies would be more than worth the price of a

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