Isolationism, Questions And Answers

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Questions 1. The United States enacted practices of isolationism because the United States economy collapsed in the early 1900's. So they were trying to regain their economy and put it back on its feet. Isolating income to their own country would help them achieve that. 2. In the US, we declared neutrality because we wanted to stay clear of foreign affairs. Also because the whole reason for the war was to promote the "industries", not the citizens 3. It gradually eroded the united states into isolationism because they were witnessing as Hitler was slowly dominating Europe. They were scared that he would come for them as well, so the USA pulled back and claimed they wanted nothing to with it. 4. Roosevelt managed to move aid to Britain by…show more content…
The US was forced into WW2, due to the bombing of pearl harbor. Whereas WW1 was pretty much premeditated. The Neutrality acts were enacted at that specific time period because WW1 was essentially one big way to rake in money for manufacturing companies. It was less effective because they attacked our home land, and not just external countries. Chapter 36 Questions 1.WW2 increased employment of women with deployed husbands. Farmers and industrial workers suddenly had high demands for food and products which increased income. 2. Yes, in its time of despair, the nation came together. African Americans began to move more towards bigger cities up north, strengthening the nation. After the war began, women had to take place of the jobs that the men once held. 3. American society before the war was segregated. Women weren't able to work a man's job, but when they all got deployed, women did the man's job. I think all of these things would have happened, but in a slower period of time. 4. The United States, had a hard time in the beginning. They had to take out the Axis powers before attacking the Japanese. They eventually took out German and Italy. 5. $186 billion, Credit was introduced.America became more indulged into advertisement. This increased manufacturing and production of new

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