Micheal Garrrett: Scientific Analysis

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An astronomer from ASTRON named Micheal Garrrett entered a debate. ASTRON is the Dutch Astronomy Research Foundation. He claimed that there are maybe a few to zero kardashev Type III civilizations in the “local universe”. A kardashev type III is a word used to describe an advanced alien civilization. He said that these civilizations are classified by kardashev type III civilizations because they can harness energy at a galactic scale. Garrett also claimed that we should be able to detect them with new highly sensitive infrared telescopes. He said that the reason that we could detect them through infrared telescopes is because of the “emission of significant waste heat products”. A group of scientists have already marked hundreds of galaxies that are emitting this infrared reading to the telescopes. This team of scientists was led by Dr. Jason Wright of Penn State University. The scientists marked “several hundred from 100,000” galaxies. Some of Garrett’s evidence is how a natural occurrence can imitate the heat infrared readings the sensitive telescopes. These natural occurrences are caused by warm dust in the galaxy. Also Garrett said he studied some of the galaxies and the ones he has studied all had an astrophysical explanation. Therefore he said most of the other galaxies could fall…show more content…
It is thought that they indicate the Kardashev type III civilization is in the area. The civilization is expected to be harnessing energy on a galactic scale which produces byproducts. But during the studies of these galaxies the astronomers found that most of the galaxies releasing this infrared reading has something like warm dust that emits this infrared heat instead of a civilization. This convinces Garrett that there are no type III kardashev civilizations in the local universe. His statement is that “We can all sleep safely in our beds tonight – an alien invasion doesn’t seem at all

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