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Traditional Mexican recipes were originally created by the Mayans and Aztecs, which evolved to a lot of the Mexican food made today. (“Some Interesting Facts About Mexican Food”). Nine thousand years ago, Mexican culinary history had started. This was around 7000 BCE. (“Mexican Aztec Mayan Pre Columbian Food History”). Even though Mexican cuisine has evolved to what it is ingredients that you won’t be able to find in other cuisines. Some of the fresh ingredients used that are healthy for your body are tomatoes, peppers, and onions. There are some unique spices included in Mexican cooking. One of the most common flavors you may find in Mexican food is garlic. This spice is used in many recipes including salsa, Spanish rice, and taco seasoning. It either comes fresh, powdered, or in a jar. (“The Flavors of Mexico”). Another spice is Mexican oregano. It is more savory and aggressive than American oregano. (“Essential Ingredients for Mexican Cooking Checklist”). It gives the dishes a fresh and earthy flavor. Oregano…show more content…
When this cuisine started out, the Aztecs and Mayans used some exotic ingredients such as spider monkeys and rattlesnakes. Today we can see that Mexican food doesn’t really use ingredients such as this. They now cook with a lot of ingredients that are used in American food too. The way that Mexican food is cooked is also similar. Americans used to have many complaints about Mexican cuisine and also said that it was too spicy, but as time has passed, they have eventually come to enjoy, the food that is made isn’t all the same. The food made in separate regions uses different recipes. The ingredients grown in these regions are different based on the area’s climate. (“Some Interesting Facts about Mexican Food”). Mexican cuisine is defined as a fusion of different elements, including Mesoamerican, European, and Spanish. They were added in the 16th century after the Spanish conquest of the Aztec

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