Metaphors In Literature

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Learning about perspectives and metaphors in literature has struck new meaning to several things. The movie watched in class also showed several different ways to look at things. The way to life has been experienced can affect the way you look at something as well. The many metaphors and themes in the movie were hard to decipher between before being blasted in the face with another one. The hours spent on the beach watching the waves or hearing them is heard different in every ear, every year. Does the metaphor turning the page happen in the movie literally and metaphorically, well yes it does. The boy goes through so much to learn how to become a man and at the end of the movie he literally turns the page of the book or a diary. It shocked me how fast I was like oh turned the page metaphor. This class taught me to look for these usually in text and now I am looking for metaphors throughout films. The father and son issues that were shown in this film were close to home. I struggle to connect with my father. The two of them are struggling in a different manner, but the antagonist is the dad. I have many unsolved issues with my dad. I have tried to connect with him multiple times. I thought maybe it would change as I got older and he…show more content…
I enjoy hearing the expiring that people had with or even without literature. My learning team explored Langston Hughes on a deeper level and I found him to be a man that must just sit. Several of the poems that my team chose to use in the presentation would only be “Langston describable” because of the title. There is often several meaning to people that may get missed just because of the title. The snake poem by Langston Hughes meant a snake prowling for diner to me. To a team member it just meant a generalized predator and they canceled out the title snake. The team member got so much more from the poem, and this sense of being let go
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