Elvis Presley's Metaphors

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Metaphors are the butter to our toast. This unique form of figurative language is found in many cultures. It is almost impossible not to use metaphors, considering the fact that the average human uses six every minute. Metaphors are used to compare two things to each other by saying that one thing is the other. Many famous individuals, like Aristotle and Elvis Presley, are remembered for their use of metaphors. Elvis Presley, dubbed “King of The Metaphorians”, has many metaphors in his songs and many historical philosophers have metaphors in their works as well. Metaphors have become “mainstream” in today’s society. X=Y; it is a mathematical term, but what does it mean in literature? A TED video by James Geary, focusing on metaphors, explains how X and Y represent two objects and the equal sign says that X is Y. The metaphor itself is a direct comparison by saying that one thing is another thing, which is why X=Y often represents the metaphor in literature today. Metaphors make it easier to understand certain concepts while taking it into depth and comparing it to other ideas. They also make literature more entertaining but do not take away the overall meaning of the text, much like the metaphor at the beginning of this essay. The comparison of…show more content…
Humans use metaphors all the time, but they do not realize it unless they really pay attention to what they say. Metaphors are also used to express feelings and experiences. One might say, “The sidewalk was a hot stove that burned my bare feet.” or, “The bee’s sting was a double-edged sword that pierced through my skin like a toothpick through moist cake.” Metaphors are very important to modern day life. Without them, we would never be able to use them to our advantage, whether it is to explain or to entertain. Metaphors play a big role in society, making it easier to express feelings, opinions, and experiences through speech and

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