Wasteland Film Review

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Wasteland is a documentary film that was based in Jardim Gramacho, Brazil. The filmmakers and Vik Muniz traveled to Brazil’s most poverty stricken place to capture the lives of people who live there and change it. Jardim Gramacho is located outside of Rio de Janeiro; it is a place where all the trash gets dumped at. Many people from different backgrounds work there by collecting recyclable materials and selling it to companies. Many of these people are poverty stricken and they survive day to day by working there and also feeding their family with what they have left. Vik Muniz is a successful artist who is originally from Brazil and lives in the United States. The documentary begins with Vik Muniz talking about the situation he grew up in…show more content…
He met a particular individual named Sebastiao who was the president of the Association of Pickers of Jardim Gramacho. This man was very giving to his community and he is a dreamer of changing his community with the help of his fellow pickers. Vick muniz explained his work to the individuals he met and he decided to use them in his work. Throughout his journey, he also covered the individuals’ lifestyle. They all live in a very hard situation with many problems. What makes the situation even more dangerous is the place they are working at is very detrimental to health and is not a place for anyone to be around in. The place is very polluted and hard to accustom to. Vik took a photograph of the six or seven individuals and recreated it with outlining it by the trash collected. Sebastiao’s picture was based on a famous painting called death of Marat by the famous French painter David. After the pictures were taken and displayed in large sizes, they were displayed in an art museum exhibits. The exhibitions income was all donated to the association of pickers of Jardim Gramacho which benefited them in many

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