Why Was The Declaration Of Independence Important

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Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence has shaped what America is today. It is a very important document that states our freedom, and that everyone should be treated equally. There were many important people that were involved and many important events leading up to the Declaration of Independence. Also, the Declaration of Independence has made a huge impact on American history. Without the Declaration of Independence, America would not be where it is today. The Declaration of Independence was written to insure our freedom from Britain. Most, but not every American wanted to break away from Britain and be independent. The people who wanted to stay under Britain's control were called Loyalists.The people who wanted to be independent from Britain were called Patriots. One of the big causes to write the Declaration of Independence was the Revolutionary War. This war started in 1775, and it was a big influence of the Declaration of Independence. There was a lot going on in the time period when the Declaration of Independence was being written. The Stamp Act happened in 1725. It was an act that included an additional tax on every piece of printed paper sold. Another important event that happened in this time period was the Boston Tea Party in 1773, which was when people dunked tea in the water to protest against taxes. One more…show more content…
There were five people who had a big role in the Declaration of Independence. These people were John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman. Robert Livingston, and Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was the most important because he was the author of the Declaration of Independence. The first person to sign the Declaration of Independence was John Hancock, because he was the president of the Continental Congress. In total. Fifty six people signed the Declaration of Independence. All of these people had a major impact on the Declaration of
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