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Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, shows us the difference between a democratic society and a tyrannical society. In terms of which leadership style had more control over the people in this novel, Jack’s dictatorship was the most effective. You can tell the Jack’s “iron fist” approach is the most effective by noticing three things that Jack did. The young dictator undermined Ralph, made almost everyone leave Ralph, and he turned the island into a chaotic tribe of savages, just like he is. A technique Jack used to gain control was how he undermined the current leader at the time, Ralph, which resulted in Jack gaining more followers and more control over the inhabitants of this island. An example of how this tyrant undermined Ralph’s authority is when he stopped watching the fire so he and his choir boys could hunt and have fun. In chapter four, Ralph notices that the fire is out and scolds Jack because it was his duty to keep the fire going. Jack has…show more content…
The first people to leave Ralph’s democratic group were the choirboys. As soon as Jack leaves to make his own tribe, the choir boys follow without question. This exhibits his control working very quickly. A lot of people also leave Ralph when Jack has his party. He throws a feast to make people join his tribe and says: “‘I gave you food,’ said Jack, ‘ and my hunters will protect you from the beast. Who will join my tribe?’” (166). This results in Jack gaining followers and more people leaving Ralph which in turn gives Jack more control. This tyrant also used bribes to gain power over the people. Jack constantly offered meat, fun, and protection, much like he did at the feast, to gain a larger following. Jack making people follow him instead of listen to Ralph is shown throughout the entire novel and it seems to have been extremely effective, eventually leading to Jack’s full control over the

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