Examples Of Existentialism In I Heart Huckabees

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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom,” said Aristotle, a famous Greek philosopher. This reasoning comes from the idea that the more a person understands about themselves, the more they can learn about humanity and the world around them. Discovering one’s true identity not only means getting in touch with one’s conscious self, but also knowing everything that is repressed and denied. I Heart Huckabees, an American comedy film, explores the idea of existentialism and the process of searching for one’s identity. Albert, Dawn, and Tommy are successful in dismantling and getting down to their essential true selves by accepting their shadow, taking responsibility for their own life, and understanding that everything is interconnected. Albert Markovski,…show more content…
She is a pretty yet shallow spokesmodel who appears in all of the company’s advertising. In the beginning, Dawn is very superficial and only cares about her physical appearance. However, when the detectives begin looking into Brad and Dawn’s seemingly perfect life, she starts to ask questions of her own. After being exposed to philosophy, Dawn soon refuses to live the way she did before. She changes her usual mini skirts to overalls and a bonnet. Huckabees is forced to hire another spokesperson after Dawn decides to leave her modeling lifestyle. When Dawn sees that Huckabees replaced her, she freaks out and screams “Wake up, pretty girl, the joke is on you!” (I Heart Huckabees) at the new girl. This shows that Dawn realizes how no one at Huckabees genuinely cared for her, and that the same thing will happen to the new model too. Dawn starts to take responsibility for her own life when she breaks up with Brad. She realizes that he too only loved her when she was attractive. Dawn finds her true identity when she begins seeking for a higher meaning in life. Like Dawn, Tommy is also successful in finding his true

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