Mentally Ill Offenders In Prisons

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Mentally ill offenders face a number of challenges trying adapt to their prison life, many of them living dull and miserable lives. Some of them without family, and left to die in prison, it’s now responsibility of the prison and staff to maintain these individuals. One of the many challenges mentally ill offenders is coping with the rest of society inside the prison. Each offender having their own mental disability can really take their toll on the correctional officers and offenders. Most offenders have to take heavy medication every day, or so to just stay in check, and act the way they’re expected to in the prison. Mentally ill offenders are commonly looked upon as the outcasts, society treats them as if they were crazy individuals,…show more content…
It’s hard for some mentally ill offenders to be in a small confined space for many hours out of the day, further hindering their mental defects or making them worse. They must adjust to always being helped and aided in most situations. Most correctional officers didn’t expect to be doing some of these tasks when they were employed at the prison. The public can really take its effect on some offenders; they seem to feel left out, as the rest of society proceeds without them due to their mental problems. The public views them as people that might just snap at any moment and go wild Treating the situation as if they were an animal. That’s some of the things that really hurt the mentally ill; they’re just people that just act a little different than the common person. The thing that most correction facilities should consider is maybe giving the mentally ill offenders less time or counseling for whatever crime they committed. More than likely whatever caused the offender to provoke a crime, was either off their medication or was pressured into the situation. People shouldn’t make the mentally ill feel inferior; they’re just hurting the cause that’s already hurting as it

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