Should Mentally Ill Offenders Be Held Responsible For Their Actions Essay

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Some people think that mentally ill offenders should be held responsible for their actions. I agree with this statement because most mental hospitals will try to treat most of these patients but in some cases these patients are not treated well. They should be held accountable for their actions. In worse cases where a man or woman has a mental illness and they randomly go on a killing spree and innocent people die, they should not escape punishment. They must be responsible for their actions. Continuing this further, according to my article “How do you hold mentally ill offenders accountable?” by Ina Jaffe, she says that “ Mental health and law enforcement officials in California are trying to find way to keep a hold on psychiatric patients accountable without punishing them for being sick. This had to be done because of violence that occurred in state’s mental…show more content…
In some cases this makes this may be work. In others it won't, for example some people who haven’t committed serious crimes should be treated to get better in mental hospitals. Others who have committed serious crimes should be punished, if they are not they will most likely be sent to a mental facility where they probably might get better or not. In most cases they will be released again and commit another serious crime. But still others believe that mentally ill offenders should be treated instead of facing the justice system and criminal charges. According to my article “Where have all the crazies gone? To prison or mental facilities. by LA Times”. It states that “mental ill patients can refuse psychiatric evaluation and treatment because, according to the court system it is their right”. “Also after the offender serves their sentence they will be released into the public again”. This is a serious problem because they are not getting the treatment they need and also they are putting the general public in

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