Mentally Ill In Prison Analysis

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In watching this film I did get a better look into the prison system and how the mentally ill are taken care of. When I was watching the beginning of the film I was apprehensive because there were clips with men dressed in SWAT type suit barging into cells. However, once I watched the whole film I understood the reasoning behind the actions of the officers. I now have a better understanding of the care the inmates receive, the prison system, and the release of inmates. In this paper I will explain all the things I learned and elaborate on these facts. Why would anyone want to be in prison? This was something that I asked myself during this program, however once the show was over I finally realized the answer to my initial question. Some people realize that they are given better care in prison than the care they could obtain in the community. Prisons cannot just accept mentally ill inmates and leave them in a cell to rot. They are given the care they deserve to help them be able to live a life hopefully not of crime. Society is impacted by the mentally ill offender because at one…show more content…
However, there are so many mental hospitals and other facilities that are getting shut down and the patients have nowhere to go. The video states that the prison is in a way the dropping ground for the ill. The mentally ill cannot be housed in the same areas as the inmates who are not mentally ill. This means they have to be sure to keep them separated for the safety of the inmates as well as the staff. Also, the staff has to make sure these people are controlled, in someone who is not ill the guards can give them an order and they understand. Sadly, some of the mentally ill have hallucinations and might not understand what is going on, or they might think the guards are trying to kill them. The prison staff has a lot of things they have to take into consideration when providing care, as well as maintaining

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