Media's Negative Effects On Adolescents And Body Image

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Body image is a problem that is taking place everywhere around the world. Girls and boys are seeing themselves as someone who isn’t pretty or handsome enough to fit into society. These thoughts are now leading to bad actions among people, mostly in teens. People are starting to take their own lives because they do not see themselves as a person of worth. The reasons they do not think they are worthy is because over time the definition of beauty has changed to what the media perceives as beauty. More and more people are starting to fall under the media’s “spell” and think that they are not beautiful enough. Everybody should accept the way their body is. Nobody should let the media or anyone tell them that they have no worth to be in society.…show more content…
“Seeing oneself as overweight or obese may be an important, independent predictor of suicidal thoughts, especially in young girls…” This statement from CFAH is something that should not happen, but does all around the world. Girls and boys, in most cases girls, get so depressed and hateful about their bodies that they turn to suicide or harming themselves in order to feel better. These thoughts about their bodies are starting to occur at such a young age. “The effect was stronger in girls at age 10 then in boys.” Not only are these thoughts higher in girls, but they are starting in such a young age because of how girls think they should look. “About 19 percent said they had considered suicide in the previous year and about 9 percent said they had attempted it.” Even though these numbers may seem small, they are growing each day. The reason that they are growing is because media has changed the definition of beautiful to something so many people are thinking is

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