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Meredith Grey versus Christina Yang Grey's Anatomy has become one of the most popular prime time shows on television today. The show first aired on March 27, 2005, and began following the lives of a group of surgical interns and residents at Seattle Grace Hospital. Meredith Grey, a surgical intern, is the narrator and one of the main characters in this medical drama. She meets Christina Yang who not only becomes her best friend, but also a sister to her. In spite of their many differences, Meredith Grey and Christina Yang share similarities in how they chose their career paths and are both very independent, career-driven women, giving women examples of femininity and womanhood to emulate. Both Christina and Meredith's childhood experiences led them to their career paths. Meredith's mother, Ellis Grey, was a world-renowned surgeon. However, Ellis was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in her later years. As Meredith grew and watched her mother excel in her profession, she decided to pursue a medical degree as well. Christina also shared an experience in her childhood that led her to her career choice. At the age of nine, she and her father were…show more content…
Neither woman was dependent on a man to define who they are as individuals. One time Meredith's husband, Dr. Derek Shepard, received a job offer from the president. Derek wanted to move their family to D.C. and find Meredith a job at a local hospital there. In the end, Meredith chose to stay in Seattle to pursue her own dreams and goals. Christina showed the same independence after she married Owen Hunt. Her husband wanted her to eventually cut back at work and start a family. Christina knew she did not want children and did not give up her dreams for her husband. This decision eventually led to their divorce. Throughout the story line, Christina and Meredith showed us what it means to be strong, independent women in

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