Georgia Southern Eagles Defense Research Paper

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For people who have attended a Georgia Southern football game in the past two Saturdays it would be impossible to fail to recognize the talent and skill that the Eagles exhibit. The Eagles currently hold a record of 2-1 and are currently playing some remarkable football. To be honest, the Eagles were completely overmatched in their season opener in Morgantown, against the West Virginia Mountaineers. However, after suffering a reasonably substantial loss, the Eagles kept their heads up and have been victorious in their last two games. I have attended both of the Eagles home wins this year; I happen to be extremely pleased and excited with what I witnessed. This year’s Georgia Southern Eagles happen to be a skillful football team because of their ability to run the ball, score points, create turnovers, focus, play respectable defense and best of all how they GATA! After the opening game of the season; a 44-0 loss to West Virginia, many Georgia Southern fans were worried about the team. However I remained optimistic, because I knew that this was just a genuinely tough game and I believed the Eagles could…show more content…
Now the Eagles defense isn’t tops in the country but they don’t get discouraged when things go wrong they just continue to get back up and improve every time they take the field. Which has also helped them create turnovers as they have forced nine turnovers in their past two games compared to none in the opener. These turnovers help create more opportunities for the offense and the ground attack. The Eagles are lead on defense by the big hogs up front, on the defensive line and safeties Antonio Glover and Matt Dobson. The Eagles defense’s ability to limit other teams rushing attack and force turnovers are all ways the Eagles are able to exhibit their skill on the defensive side of the

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