Descriptive Essay Loneliness

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“Loneliness.” The wretched word rang throughout my consciousness. Echoing throughout my thoughts. It brought upon more and more desolation with each faint repetition. As those thoughts resonated within my state of being, I wandered aimlessly along a road riddled with such complexity that I couldn't grasp any sense of direction. Twists, turns, dead ends, detours, cross roads, unexpected stops, the obstacles did not seem to stop resurfacing from the unknown. The long and merciless road that I found myself traveling upon came to me to be known as “life.” Giving no heed to the barren landscape and arid ground that surrounded me, I stared down at the dark concrete floor that seemed to stretch past the far-away horizon. My emotions bland, my thoughts…show more content…
Spinning through the air as if it let itself be carried down. It twirled in the air, as if it could have been whisked away any second by the grip of a swift breeze of wind, but it kept floating dow . It blew past my face and landed lightly on the ground, the shiny, vibrant colour standing out against the dark concrete beneath it. I picked up the gentle leaf and etched on to it with utter precision, the words I meant to tell that girl walking ahead of me for so long. Grasping the leaf in my hand I sprinted forward with all my might to catch up to the girl in front of me. Calling her name, she turned around, her smile spread across her face. I caught her palm, opened it gently and placed the leaf gently in the center of her palm. She gasped the leaf and read the three words, her eyes widening in response. She looked back at me, her smile wider than ever. She grasped my hand and began walking. Together we stared at the long and arduous pathway leading to the horizon far from us. She stared forward, so did I. While enveloped in the shadows of maple trees, together we began walking towards that faraway destination with determination of reaching it. As we walked I stared at her, wondering what she thought of the transcription on the crimson leaf I had given her. But that still remains a

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