The Pros And Cons Of Starbucks

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Coffee houses have been a popular place for social gatherings ever since the fifteenth century, when they appeared for the first time in the Middle East. When coffee was introduced in Venice, it did not take long to start selling as a popular drink rather than in pharmacies for medicinal purposes. Centuries later, Starbucks CEO and president, Howard Schultz, visited Italian cafés that inspired him immensely. He saw, as he described in an interview for the Astrum People webpage, “a magnificent theatrical presentation in which a barista poured coffee with one hand, whipped cream with the other and chatted with the customer at the same time”. This gave birth to the Starbucks Experience people are so familiar with today, that makes the coffee shop incredibly successful around the globe.…show more content…
They take it upon themselves to be connected to their customers in stores as much as online. Whether it is through the discussion of social problems, or taking action into their hands when it comes to global environment concerns, Starbucks is always actively participating in the communities they have set shop. For example, Starbucks sees Earth day celebrations as an opportunity to please their customers by giving them a free cup of coffee if they bring a reusable travel mug. To Starbucks, this cost very little when compared to the revenue they make on a week. Other on-site actions Store managers encourage baristas to talk to their customers about Online propaganda also contributes to the Starbucks campaign set to fight world problems. According to their own website, “Starbucks ethical sourcing means responsibility in the merchandise, furniture and other items found in our stores.” With this statement, they suggest that their products are responsibly grown and traded, and the store décor is eco-friendly in order to comply with the many environmental issues faced

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