The Dangers Of Zosimo's Metamorphosis

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Zosimos of Panapolis, also known as Zosimus and the first real Alchemist thrived during the late 300 AD. Most of the writings were translated into Syriac or Arabic then into the present day languages. Zosimos wrote about the dangers and the benefactors when studying Alchemy. Although his main focus was on The Letter of Omega and the Alchemical symbols he spoke greatly upon multiple religions which appeared numerous times in the text. He spoke of the Trinity, Greco- Roman cultures, and fate. Zosimos constantly worked to perfect his life and studies. Zosimos focused on natural elements, but his greatest study was himself. G.R.S. Mead found out that in order for Zosimos to figure anything out he must know his self-first. Zosimos’s most famous…show more content…
He also had a sister that inspired most of his writings. He wrote numerous documents revealing the dangers of Alchemy. The unforeseen warnings Zosimos wrote to his sister warned her about getting wrapped up and losing grip on reality. Many people today and in the past saw him as an Alexandrian philosopher. Due to the lack of technology most of what we know about Zosimos is from his books. The political and economic decline of Egypt sparked his writing. He was very outspoken on the ways of the Egyptian government. He had a sense of nationalism and was very passionate towards having a superior government to all others. Zosimos’s father is the biggest contributor to his son’s success. He urged him to do his best, keep writing, and to feel in order to have his own knowledge upon things. Zosimos and Santiago, from the Alchemist, shared great similarities when it came to knowledge. Both travelled far and close to figure out the ways of life. They wanted to have enough knowledge to make their own opinions on things and not be persuaded by…show more content…
Researchers have found about fifteen manuscripts in about six libraries all on Alchemy. Zosimos was the first man to define Alchemy as “the study of the composition of waters, movement, growth, embodying and disembodying, drawing the spirits from bodies and bonding the spirits within bodies." Alchemy to him was not just a bunch of rocks. He then went on to write The Preface to Omega which has the alphabet and his journey. The Preface of the Letter Omega consists of twenty eight books alone. They consist of all the letters of the alphabet. In order to spread the alphabet he must travel. The book then went on to talk about his journey from country to country teaching people. Zosimos’s writing flourished the most in his time and still in ours because all people relate to it. People related by travel. He describes the beauties of natures and the different cultures he visits. During his travels his named changed from “Thominos” to “Rimos” to “Dosimos” (Travis J. Dow). Technology has grown to greater dimensions than what Zosimos had to work with. Although he was at a disadvantage he made the most progress. What Zosimos saw Alchemy as back in his day has grown to much more, but still has the same centralized core. Most of Zosimos’s contributions were within the stars. He related the planets the elements of the earth. Such as Mars is Iron and the Moon is silver. It could also be described as a purification

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