The Injustice In Today's Spider-Man

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A definition of “superhero” from Webster’s Dictionary says that a superhero is a fictional character having extraordinary or superhuman powers. Spider-Man is one such character. From all outward appearances, Peter Parker, is a regular guy doing regular things through the course of his boring, regular life. However, when he assumes the persona of Spider-Man, Peter Parker not only transforms himself, but the word around him. He represents a common belief in today’s culture that people have to hide behind masks. He is someone that many people in today’s society can relate to. He shares many struggles that teenagers face in the society that we live in. Though it may not seem like it at first glance, Spider-Man is a superhero with whom many people can identify with. One of the most obvious ways that Spider-Man reflects our present day society, is by the fact that he lives out a large portion of his life behind a mask. Like Spider-Man, we often use mask to hide who we really are. His masked appearance is contrary to who he really is and what his life actually looks like. In today’s society there is a lot of importance placed on being the coolest, the most athletic, the prettiest, and…show more content…
While some people who have power fall into corruption, Spider-Man uses his powers to carry out good by following the advice that his uncle gave to him; ”With power comes great responsibility.” This theme is expressed in several episodes of the Spider-Man comics. Spider-Man regularly stands up for the underdogs, people who are disregarded and thought of as less. These are often people who are bullied or who stray away from the path they are on due to peer pressure they feel. Since Spider-Man still gets into dilemmas that he has to untangle himself from, teens can look to Spider-Man as an example of someone who does the right thing even if it is a

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