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The Legend of the Zorro In a fabled Mexican town of Tiona, a dark bandit named Zorro, he was a murderer, a famous one at that and he never flinched in battle. That was thirty years ago, Zorro was shot and died a month later from injuries. It’s 2013,May 4th, Pablo Torro,believed to be related to Zorro, he walks the streets of mexico, playing the guitar for pesos, but one day he got a rather strange peso, with symbols on it, little did he know,the Zorro was in his presence and had not had fun in years, now was his time to wreak havoc on the boy. That same night, Pablo with his dad was washing their few dishes they had, when suddenly one broke, cut clean in half, Pablo ignored this,for it happens often.After he goes to sleep, he hears indistinguishable

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