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Martin cash was born in Enescorthy in Wexford County in Ireland, he was Born on 11th of October 1808. Martin was born into a farming family and became a farm boy when he was young this was before he moved to Australia, His parents were George and Margaret Cash. Martins appearance was that he had grey wavy hair and sideburns/beard this was after he became a convict. Martin had a standard education working as a farm boy in Enescorthy. When Martin was 18 he was trailed for deliberately injuring a man with a firearm, He did this because the man was going out with his girlfriend/fiancé. He was sentenced 7 years in Botany Bay, New South Wales in 1827. He was aboard the marques of Huntley with 70 other convicts travelling to Australia. Cash arrived in Botany Bay, New South Wales in 1827. He was assigned to George Bowman and worked at Hunter River, Martin worked at hunter river for a few years. After this he got a ticket to go to Van Diemen’s Land. He was accompanied by Bessie Clifford when travelling to Van Diemen’s Land. After living there for Two years he was sentenced to seven years in prison for larceny, over three years he escaped three times and managed to evade capture for two years. But after he escaped he was brought back to Port Arthur and was sentenced an additional four…show more content…
They were called this because they refrained from any unnecessary violence like murder, they usually robbed inns and wealthy settlers. When Martin was away from Bessie Clifford he had found out that she had left him for another man and deserted him. As he found out he made a trip to Port Arthur to see her but he was captured and was trailed for killing one of the pursuers that followed cash. Martin was sentenced to death but on the eleventh hour the sentence to death was not carried out. The decision for martin was transport for life and cash was sent to Norfolk Island fzeor ten

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