How Does Atticus Mature In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Atticus is a father of two (Jem and Scout) who lives in Maycomb during the great depression and is fairly well of due to the legal work he does. Atticus is a man of wisdom, strong beliefs, intelligence and moral character who shows this in many examples throughout the novel. Atticus guides his children through life with wisdom yet believes in letting Scout and Jem make choices for themselves and let them be individuals, product of their personality. Pap is the drunken father of Huck who Is never around for his kid and the only piece of advice he shares is to prove a selfish point. Pap is an illiterate, disgusting man who has a firm hand on Huck until he looses him and can’t control his individuality. When asking the question of who is the…show more content…
Huck has a father who constantly beats him and allows no freedom. When Huck makes it look as though he is dead he escapes the grasp of Pap and is ‘free’. Huck and Jim set out down the Mississippi escaping civilisation. The river gives Huck individuality as the river allows Huck to be, well… himself. On the other hand, Atticus’s children are also individuals. Scout more so then Jem. Scout, although lead by Atticus, chooses who she wants to be. Scout’s personality represents a boy and her appearance reflects this. Scout settles any problem she has with her fists and takes care o her issues without any help. The point of Scout not being very individual as she is following the footsteps of f her brother and ‘copying’ his identity could be noted. However, Scout approaches life as an individual, and although reflecting her brother in many ways, Scout finds her identity towards the end of the book and we see her change the way she sees life and everything around her. This is executed in the book when she is walking down the same neighbourhood she has ben for her whole life and says she sees it in a whole new way. The breaking point in this argument has to be, if Scout was pout in Huck’s shoes could she survive the journey? No, Huck ha been forced into this life and has been forced to deal with this environment and journey. However, Scout has had a very good childhood and I think the jump from her

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